American Wikileaks Interview – a Hypothetical Q & A

What would happen if an honest journalist interviewed somebody like the Secretary of State and was able to read her thoughts?  How about a southern Republican Senator?  It might go something like this:

Q: Why must you silence Wikileaks through pressuring foreign governments and quietly influencing corporations?
A: In the name of National Security. He’s giving intel to Terrorists.

Q: And by National Security, what are you actually sworn to protect?
A: The Constitution of these United States of course.

Q: And why do you think the Terrorists hate America?
A: They hate us for our Freedoms and inalienable human rights!

Q: And what are those freedoms and inalienable human rights you’re defending?
A: Freedom of Religion, Speech, the Press, and every man’s right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Q: And by freedom of religion you mean…
A: Every American is free to Love our Lord Jesus Christ in any way he sees fit.

I see. And what are you prepared to do to defend these rights and freedoms?
A: Whatever it takes. Silence Wikileaks though extrajudicial pressures, imprison Julian Assange without charges, maybe see him executed, threaten the media to not cover anything except cyber-terrorism, and keep people from spreading these lies about our great nation!

So you’re willing to deny freedom of speech, freedom of the press, disregard the national sovereignty of our neighbours around the world, and deny a person life and libery…in the name of FREEDOM?!
A: What are you? A commie?  Shut up! USA is #1.  Go team.

Lest we forget:
“Freedom isn’t free. Freedom costs a buck ‘oh five.”

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Wikileaks and Chinese Soup

I believe that our economies are based upon the scarcity of resources.  Scarcity drives demand and profitability. Increased consumption and demand is further managed through planned obsolescence, disposable goods, and war (the greatest destroyer of human efforts, and consequently one of the most profitable).

Shark finning is an example of how our greed and scarcity based economies are destroying the world.  As more sharks are finned for Chinese soup, sharks become more scarce.  The price of soup goes up and the demand for shark fins increases.  Every last shark on the planet is destined to be finned and they will go extinct.  (90% of the oceans sharks have been killed off.)  Now as that happens and the remaining apex predators like tuna are removed from the ecosystem, the population of plankton-eating fish is left unchecked.  More herbivorous fish will result in less plankton and consequently far less carbon dioxide being converted to oxygen in our environment and we face another Permian Extinction.

Looking at oil today, although the USA is a massive consumer of oil,  it is FOREIGN oil that they are consuming.  The US has very large oil reserves.   Indeed, the USA is actively stockpiling oil.  When the last foreign wells dry up, the USA will be the most powerful nation once again due to the oil scarcity and demand that they have created, and the supply that they will completely control.

Our governments know this, but they are concealing it.  The mass media won’t talk about things like that, we’d rather hear about how Timmy fell down a well, or how a mother had 8 babies.   Our governments and our mass media are concealing it for the benefit of the American government, and ultimately corporations that OWN the US Government.  Is it coincidental that the US wants to invade Iran and Shell Oil is lobbying for rights to a cross-border Iran-Iraq oil field?  That’s why Wikileaks is so important. It’s not that they are revealing secrets that is getting the governments upset, it’s that Wikileaks is revealing the lies that our governments have been telling. It would appear that the most scarce commodity today are honest politicians, followed closely by an objective mass media newscore.

You can buy a politician for the price of re-election.   You can buy an electorate for the price of honest and objective news.  You can buy an oil field for the price of a war.  And as it turns out, you can buy a Permian Extinction for the price of a bowl of soup.

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Has Wikileaks Shown that the Canadian Mass Media is Irrelevant?

As a Canadian citizen, I’m used to disappointment when I look to my nation’s news organizations in a seemingly futile attempt to stay informed.  With the recent events and stories surrounding the Wikileaks scandals, my level of disgust with the Canadian media has risen to those reserved for the likes of Fox News.

So what should I expect from Canadian media outlets like the CBC, CTV, and Global?  The truth would be a good start.  Unbiased analysis of the facts would be a close runner-up.  At this point I’d even take a completely bias analysis IF the truth were first presented in such a way that the people are able to form their own opinions as well.

What we have received from the Canadian media is simply nothing more than echoes of the tightly controlled media from our neighbor to the south.  Some know him as Uncle Sam, but these days it seems Big Brother may be a more fitting title.  We have been given lies and inflammation.  We have been given implied opinion without facts.  More than anything else, we have been given silence.  Unfortunately, most Canadians are forming their opinions of the Wikileaks scandals based upon what they see in the American media.  Worse yet, the majority of the people I have spoken to in the last month, don’t even know what Wikileaks is or what all the noise is about.

We have been told that Wikileaks has indiscriminately dumped over 250,000 classified cables when the truth is that there have been less than 2000 released, that they are not all classified, and were released only after careful review and redaction where appropriate.  We have been told that Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, et al have ceased doing business with Wikileaks, but didn’t mention that our Charter Right to free speech includes the right to donate funds to any legal organization.  They did not question or investigate any possible pressure on these organizations from the US Government.  Nor did they inform us that the US Government strongly supports Visa and Mastercard in foreign markets and has used its diplomatic influence to the benefit of these corporations.   We have been told that Julian Assange has been accused of rape, when in fact he is only “wanted for questioning” in relation to what seems to amount to little more than a broken condom, and did not question the appropriateness of solitary confinement or being denied bail.  We have been told that Wikileaks revealed secrets critical to functioning world governments, but the truth is that Wikileaks has revealed the lies our governments have been using to keep us compliant.

We have long suspected that the Canadian government is completely corrupt.  We have long suspected that multi-national corporations run the US Government.  We have long suspected that elections were no longer relevant and that we live in an oligarchy powered by ignorance and fear.  It’s a completely separate matter when we see it in print.

It has become clear to me that the Canadian mass media is happy to serve their corporate masters to the detriment of all.   Watching CBC news has become an exercise in futility, proving only that state-sanctioned media is no different from the private sector – both are corrupt and complicit in the misinformation campaigns our governments are waging.  If a free press is the fourth pillar of democracy, we need to wake up and do something, because this house of cards is starting to collapse.

The real Wikileaks secret nobody will report on?

(Stolen Natural Resources + Slave Labour)
—————————————————————– = Continued Oligarchy
Uneducated Consumer Base

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